June 25, 2018

Six 20 Minute Healthy Weekday Meals


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I am going to help make your weeknights a little bit easier with these easy, healthy, 20 minute or less, limited ingredient recipes. Bonus! They all are an easy clean-up, too!

During the week I am usually so consumed with editing, emailing, photographing sessions, and blogging that I never have time to even think about dinner until it is already nearly time for dinner.

Lucky for me, Caleb loves to cook and/or doesn’t mind stopping on his way home to pick us up something or snag some groceries and throw something together. He is so clever with what meals he comes up with AND he is a champ with the Instant Pot.

These easy healthy weekday meals have been a lifesaver for us, especially during the summer when we are extremely busy with sessions during the week and weddings every weekend.

Caleb made the Shrimp, Leek & Spinach Pasta by Real Simple this week and it was incredible. We swapped out the heavy cream for Greek yogurt to make it a little healthier.

All of these recipes are healthy, easy to make & cleanup, take nearly no time, and if you’re on a budget, they are all relatively inexpensive to make.


Six 20 Minute (or Less) Healthy Weekday Meals


  1. Pineapple BBQ Chicken by Eat Well 101 
  2. Shrimp, Leek & Spinach Pasta by Real Simple *we swapped the Heavy Cream w/ Plain Greek Yogurt
  3. Mini Mozzarella & Kale Pita Pizzas by Cooking Light
  4. Greek Yogurt Chicken Salad Lettuce Wraps by Delish
  5. 20 Minute Sesame Chicken by Gimme Delicious 
  6. Caprese Salad Platter with Balsamic Reduction Drizzle by Me


Just, think of all you will be able you do with a little extra time in the evening! Caleb and I have been able to catch up on recorded Jeopardy episodes!

I hope these easy weeknight meals make a big difference for your week!


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Six 20 Minute (or Less) Healthy Weekday Meals Caprese Salad

six twenty minute easy weekday meals



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