4 Ways To Improve Your Home Without Breaking The Bank


When you think about home renovation projects and improvements, you often think about how much it is going to cost rather than the impression and difference it will make once completed.

This is because it can be easy to jump to the conclusion that it going to expensive and therefore for some people, unrealistic to fit in their budget. 

But, you can easily improve your home without breaking the bank and you will probably increase the value of your home, too!

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Paint Works Wonders

Merely painting your radiators, floorboards, doors, and door frames with a fresh coat of paint will give your house a fresh look and feel. Once you start painting, you’ll be surprised to see the real difference that it makes. 

I like painting the white trim of our home at least once a year you wouldn’t believe how faded white paint can get overtime, but a fresh coat does wonders! I call it real-life photoshop!

Tip: I prefer a clean neutral palette throughout our home, plus! if you’re planning on selling down the road, neutrals are more pleasing for most buyers.

you can easily improve your home without breaking the bank and you will probably increase the value of your home, too!

Repair Rather Than Replace

Too many people jump straight to replacing items and areas in their homes before considering the repair method.

Repairing areas of your home, such as your wooden windows, by using places like https://www.fensterusa.com/ can improve your home and also help you to save a little money in the process. You’ll save money by not replacing the windows entirely, and you’ll also save money on utility bills by having new and improved frames.


Your Kitchen 

The kitchen is a big one homeowners often skip on renovations purely because of the cost. Your kitchen doesn’t need to be an expensive fix, though.

Ok, so sometimes it is needed, but the majority of the time, the bones of your kitchen are still good, just the surface areas may need some work. You could consider adding crown molding above your cabinets, replacing the countertops, updating the fixtures, retiling the backsplash, or replacing the handles. Updating the outlet and light switch plates (the ones with the USB ports are fantastic), adding some houseplantspainting the cupboard doors, updating appliances, and adding in some feature lighting can also help renew your kitchen without breaking the bank. 

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Your Bathroom 

Just like your kitchen, your bathroom can be improved by making smaller changes rather than needing to replace the entire suite.

Rather than looking at replacing the entire bathroom, think about what you would like to be different. Do you need new sinks? Would you like a glass door instead of a shower curtain? All of these can be individual tasks, rather than needing to change everything.

Even some smaller items you can change that make a huge difference include your lighting, towels and floor mats, your storage, faucets, and the tiling.

We recently swapped out our master bathroom faucets to matte black ones and added a contemporary brushed metal mirror, and it looks a billion times better! 



Are there any home improvements that you’ve done recently on a budget? Please share them in the comments below. 


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