7 Houseplants That Would Love to Live In Your Kitchen


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Finding houseplants for your kitchen is easier than you think!

I love having houseplants in our kitchen! It adds so much character and makes having fresh herbs on hand a breeze. Our kitchen has one large west-facing window above our sink, but we get a lot of ambient light coming from the south windows of our sunporch.

Kitchens can have tricky environments low light or harsh light, and fluctuating temperatures so finding a houseplant that can thrive in your kitchen can be difficult.

I’ve gathered a list of my favorite common houseplants that will pretty up your kitchen! These houseplants will love keeping you company while you cook, sip your morning coffee, and eat your meals!

houseplants for kitchen

7 Houseplants That Would Love to Live In Your Kitchen


1. Cast Iron Plant

Not only is the name is fitting for a kitchen houseplant, but this evergreen foliage plant is nearly indestructible. As it requires low light, the cast iron plant would be perfect on the floor. Sporadic watering works just fine for this hearty beauty, too.

cast iron plant

2. ZZ Plant

Named after its funky botanical nameZamioculcas zamiifoliathe ZZ plant can thrive in either low or bright light, but never direct sunlight. Water your ZZ plant based on the amount of light it receives; if it’s in low light, give it less water, and if it’s in brighter light, give it more water. It would look beautiful up on a shelf in your kitchen.

zz plant

houseplants for kitchen

3. Jade

Jade does well in warm, dry environments. You’ll notice that it shines in direct sunlight; you could place it near your sink or in another kitchen window. If your jade plant outgrows the sill, it could also look beautiful on the floor, a shelf, or countertop.

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4. String of Pearls

This unique succulent works best in a hanging basket near a bright, sunny window, making it a gorgeous houseplant for your kitchen. You’ll love the cascading round beads hanging over a sink or counter. You only need to water your string of pearls about once per month. This plant will bring you joy whenever you spend time in your kitchen.

string of pearls

5. English Ivy

Like all ivies, English ivy requires bright light. Its heart-shaped leaves will add an air of romance to your space. In terms of water, they prefer it on the drier side. To ensure it gets adequate light, you can place your English ivy near a window in your kitchen.

English Ivy plant

6. Herbs (Different Choices Based on Light in the Kitchen)

If you have a lot of bright light, mostly coming south-facing windows, rosemary, thyme, and oregano would be easy herbs to grow in your kitchen.

If you have east or west-facing windows, mint, parsley, and chives would be a better option.

If your kitchen is dark or doesn’t get at least 6 hours of decent sunlight throughout the day, having a grow light would be a good investment, or you could buy one of the indoor herb garden kits.

How cool is this AeroGarden counter-sized greenhouse?? It even has LED grow lights plus a system that reminds you when it’s time to feed and water the plants.

I like it because it is sleek and modern. An indoor herb garden kit is a great idea for those who are scared to grow herbs or have trouble remembering when to water their plants. They also have a mini one called “the sprout.”

mint rosemary kitchen herbs plants

An indoor herb garden kit is a great idea for those who are worried about growing their herbs.

This one from Miracle-Gro Twelve is pretty impressive too!!

7. African Spear

The African spear, also known as a cylindrical snake plant, is one of those plants that thrive on neglect. Depending on your habits, this can make it an ideal houseplant for your kitchen. Since it loves bright, direct sunlight, it would be perfect on the sill above your sink if you’ve got a window there; it’ll make washing dishes at least little more fun. Make sure the soil has completely dried out before you water it again.

cylindrical snake plant

7 Houseplants That Would Love to Live In Your Kitchen

1. Cast Iron Plant | 2. ZZ Plant3. Jade | 4. String of Pearls5. English Ivy | 6. Herbs7. African Spear

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houseplants for kitchen

houseplants for kitchen


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