5 Reasons to Visit Belize


Caleb & I just got back from our 5-day adventure to San Pedro, Belize! We photographed an amazing couple from San Francisco, Angie & Ross! Congrats to the newlyweds & thanks so much for choosing Caleb & Me to join you on this beautiful adventure!

We landed in Belize City and then took the water taxi to Ambergris Caye. We stayed at an oceanside hotel (with the bride & Groom & a bunch of their guests) at the Carribean Villas Hotel.

Belize destination wedding

San Pedro is in the southern end of Ambergris Caye. The sandy streets are lined with wooden homes, restaurants, hotels, beach bars, and small shops. There were only taxis and utility trucks on the roads because golf carts or bicycles are the main vehicles of transportation.

We spent the first and last day traveling & the other days soaking up the sunshine & great conversation. We made some friends and thoroughly enjoyed our trip. I would definitely visit again! As a side-note, I think traveling to Belize with a group of friends is the way to do it! Caleb & I basically ate every meal with a couple from Madison we met (Hi! Whitney + Josh) and dining with them just made our experience on the island even better. I couldn’t imagine the trip being as great as it was without them!

Caleb & I talked about our favorite parts of the trip and created this list in hopes to give guidance to anyone wanting or planning to visit Belize.

5 Reasons to Visit Belize

The Ceviche: Shrimp, Red Snapper, Conch, or Grouper! It’s delicious, fresh, and the perfect meal after being in the hot sun. The ceviche in Belize is the same as another Latin ceviche, assembled with raw fish cured in lime juice with mixed peppers, cilantro, onions, and tomatoes. The best ceviche we had, while were on Ambergris Caye, was at Wild Mangos. We enjoyed the Coconut Thai Ceviche with grouper.

The Weather: It’s the second week of January and we’ve been enjoying a week of 80 degrees & sun during the day and a tad cooler in the evening. The ocean breeze makes it the most pleasant weather ever. Just be sure to lather on the sunscreen and SPF chapstick frequently.

The Fresh Juice: We took a golf cart ride down the street and found a fresh juice stand. We bought jugs of fresh watermelon, coconut pineapple, and (my favorite) straight coconut water. It was so refreshing and strained to perfection! I am telling you, I have never had better juice than the fresh juice we purchased that morning.

The Dogs: As a huge dog lover over here, it was so fun to see dogs everywhere. There were two at our resort, a husky and a golden retriever mix. The dogs love carrying around coconuts and swimming in the ocean. The dogs we passed on the street were just walking aimlessly and occasionally begging for food near the restaurants. They all were about 45 Pounds or less & had the sweetest faces and temperament.

The Pace: Belize just has a steady, smooth, stress-free pace. 5 minutes in Belize time is more like 15-20. Nobody is in a real hurry to get anywhere fast. They really take the time to appreciate the serenity and ensure everyone is content.

Have YOU visited Belize? What are YOUR favorite reasons to visit? 

5 reasons to visit Belize 5 reasons to visit Belize Belize destination wedding

Studio 29 Photography – Ren & Caleb

5 reasons to visit San Pedro Belize

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