December 14, 2017

My Favorite Holiday Traditions


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During the Christmas season we always make amazing new memories, but I am also a huge fan of family traditions! Here are some of my favorite traditions I know I can count on each year for a little boost of happiness!

  • Lots of holiday lights hung on the outside of our home. Since moving into our Victorian house  I really love putting lights on the multiple railings on the porches.
  • Having a real Christmas tree in the foyer. Last year, we cut our tree ourselves and it was over 8 1/2 feet tall! This year since we will be out of town majority of December, we are opting for a smaller more minimal look.
  • Decorating our tree! As I mentioned before, this year we are doing a more minimalist/Scandinavian look for our tree. Thank you Hearth & Hand!
  • Driving around our neighborhood and admiring all the lights and decorations. Those silly inflatable snowmen have seriously taken over our block this year!
  • Buying different types of ginger cookies. I like the spicy snaps from Trader Joes. But, yesterday I bought my first gingerbread cookie of the season at Starbucks. It was decorated so cute I just couldn’t resist! (pictured above)
  • Speaking of Starbucks, I love playing the Starbucks for Life game!
  • Tuning into my Spotify Christmas Station. 
  • Decorating homemade sugar cookies with my siblings & parents. We turn up Christmas music, gather around the kitchen table, and get crazy with the colored sugar crystals.
  • Going out for Chinese on Christmas Eve with the family. It’s a holiday tradition from my dad’s side of the family.
  • My father reads The Night Before Christmas and my mom reads The Story of Christmas every year on Christmas Eve. My grandfather read the same book my dad reads every year to my dad and his brothers. A few years ago my dad teared up during the reading and it just melted my heart.
  • Watching Holiday Movies; my faves are Rudolph & ELF.
  • Sledding or building a snowman. Unfortunately this hasn’t happened in a few years, but anytime there is enough snow I will be ready and waiting to get out there!
  • Bundling up in our winter gear and taking the dogs for a walk before the big Christmas dinner. Who doesn’t love putting on a new sweater??

What are some of your favorite Holiday Traditions??

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