Learn How to Propagate Heart Leaf Philodendron in Water


It is easy to propagate Heart Leaf Philodendron in Water. 

Have you wanted to propagate a Heart Leaf Philodendron but were afraid to try? Fear not – Heart Leaf Philodendrons may seem intimidating, but I promise to take you through all the steps (there aren’t many) to grow a healthy rooted Heart Leaf Philodendron successfully!

Simple Materials to Propagate Heart Leaf Philodendron

Water propagation is a delicate procedure, and so is the process of taking cuttings from the long healthy vines of a Heart Leaf Philodendron. You can also use these materials to propagate houseplants in water.

You will need:
• A sterilized, sharp knife or gardening scissors
• Chemical-free water from which the cutting will draw its nutrients
• Sterilized jars to hold the water; the size is up to your discretion (I use jars and I also use my propagation station)
• Marbles to hold the cutting in place (optional)
• A teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide in 8-ounces of freshwater (recommended) will prevent fungal and bacterial growth in propagation jars

propagate plant in water

How to Propagate Heart Leaf Philodendron in Water

Water propagating is the process of taking cuttings from a healthy, already established plant, placing the cutting in water, and nurturing it to root. You can then transfer the rooted cuttings to an outdoor organic potting mix and let it bloom. This is what you need to do to Propagate Heart Leaf Philodendron in Water:

1. Wear gloves and with a sharp, sterilized pair of garden scissors, snip a 3 to 6 inches long cutting with nodes from the base of a healthy Heart Leaf Philodendron plant.
2. Remove any excess foliage, then submerge two inches of the cutting with the node in a propagation jar filled with water.
3. Keep the cuttings indoors and away from direct sunlight while they establish. The regulated temperature of your home will promote healthy root development.
4. Change the water every week.

propagation heart leaf philodendron

Heart Leaf Philodendron Growing Conditions

The propagated vine from a healthy Heart Leaf Philodendron plant will bloom into a beautiful bush in the right conditions.

  •  Humidity Needs: Bear in mind that this plant loves a humid environment; therefore, to guarantee a robust growing Philodendron, you need to maintain the correct water composition and temperature, not stress the plant.
  • Light: While a Philodendron plant will grow toward the direction of light, keep it away from the harsh rays of the sun as it will burn the leaves.
  • Temperature Requirements: The Philodendron will grow in low winter temperatures of about 50ºF(10ºC) and high 95ºF(35ºC) temps.
  • Plant Care: Heart Leaf Philodendron plants are known to multiply and look for a new place to reattach. It’s important to prune and train the plant using strings to contain it.
  • Fertilizer: Use liquid fertilizer to boost vine growth and fertility.
  • Re-potting: Plant the cutting to a fresh organic potting mix once the roots are about 5 inches (12 cm) long and water daily for a week.

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