I Tried Acupuncture & I Am Proud of Myself


I did something completely new.

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I did something completely new. I tried Acupuncture. But, truthfully, this isn’t actually about that.

I walked into Milwaukee Community Acupuncture on Thursday afternoon, shoulders back & smiling from ear to ear. When I was filling out the health forms in the lobby I was so excited and then when I gave them back to the receptionist.

But, when sat back down, I said to myself, “Who the heck are you right now?” “What are you doing?” “Where did you get the gumption to do something new on YOUR OWN?”

I instantly felt like I had to pee, but I didn’t, it was just nerves.

I instantly felt the need to just leave, but I didn’t it was just nerves.

This is all so typical of me. Truthfully, thinking about it now, makes me cringe. Why do I always get so in my head? Because that’s me. 32 years old, and I am now fully aware of how my brain can take over, but it doesn’t mean I can’t reroute or reframe those negative & stressful thoughts.

Before Thursday, if it was 100% my choice, I would have never done anything on my own. New locations give me the worst anxiety, I like knowing the layout – where I’ll park, where I’ll sit, who I’ll see, and (most importantly) how long it will take, when will I be back with my dogs & safe at home?

Truthfully, I (over) think about every element of any new experience. I usually go down a viciously deep rabbit hole in my mind. I think about the worst possible outcomes and cause myself enormous amounts of unnecessary stress.

But, guys! I did it! I Tried Acupuncture.

I scheduled the acupuncture appointment online. I didn’t skip it. I showed up. I stayed for the full 40 minutes. And, it was amazing. I was brave.

Getting acupuncture wasn’t necessarily about the benefits I could receive by physically getting acupuncture, but more about physically challenging myself to take part in a new experience. Despite it being “foreign” or “scary,” I went in with a positive attitude and I walked out feeling braver than ever. 

I am not fully convinced that the side effects I am feeling now is not a placebo effects, because I think I am just feeling fantastic overall because I am so dang proud of myself.

Maybe it was that the power outage at our house that kept me in that lobby, despite my worst fears swimming through my head. But, maybe, just maybe … it was just me… being brave.

I cannot believe that I, physically signed myself up for what could have been a completely scary and uncomfortable experience. But I did. I am brave.

I tried acupuncture

I did it. I am so proud of myself. I Tried Acupuncture.

I’ve been on a mission of bettering myself and living to my full potential of happiness. This was just one way I have successfully proven to myself that I am worthy and I am capable of being brave.

I am so grateful, that I now have this experience and evidence ingrained in my brain. I know I will be reflecting on this forever.

I made another appointment for acupuncture. After I have successfully completed 3 full sessions I will report back with a full review.

Have you done something new? Have you tried acupuncture?

For those interested, I had my first acupuncture experience at Milwaukee Community Acupuncture. I loved the environment. My therapist was Heather and I would recommend it to anyone who is uncertain of acupuncture because she was very informative and really spent the time to get to know my specific needs & concerns. My shoulder causes me constant pain and for the first time in 2 years, it is not hurting. I am excited to go to my next session. My honest initial thoughts about it: not painful, but not relaxing. I am going to bring headphones next time and listen to an audible book.

This piece is vulnerable for me. This blog is my sanctuary, my online capsule & my journal. Thank you for reading.

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I Tried Acupuncture

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