Modern Wall Art Ideas for Your Living Room


Whether you are looking for something abstract or something more representational, we have you covered! So why not add some art to your living room today?

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Adding artwork to your living room is a great way to make it feel more like home. Not only does it add personality and character, but it can also be a source of inspiration and comfort. In today’s roundup, we will take a look at some beautiful modern artwork that would be perfect for your living room. So whether you are looking for something abstract or more representational, we have you covered! So why not add some art to your living room today?

modern artwork graphic

I love finding gorgeous decor online. Today’s wall art is gathered from:

Why Add Artwork to Your Living Room?

One of the great things about adding artwork to your living room is that it can be a source of inspiration. If you feel stuck or need a little boost, looking at beautiful art can help get the creative juices flowing.

As a bonus, if you choose pieces that reflect your style, it will also help to make your living room feel more like home.

Another benefit of adding artwork to your living room is adding a sense of comfort. Whether you choose something calming and serene or something vibrant and exciting, art can help to create the perfect atmosphere in your living room.

It can also be a great conversation starter, so if you’re looking to liven up your next dinner party, adding some art to your living room is a great way to do it!

So what are you waiting for? Adding artwork to your living room is a great way to make it feel more like home. With so many benefits, there’s no reason not to do it!

Round-Up: Modern Artwork for Your Living Room


Looking for a unique piece of art to hang on your walls? Check out KNOTS, an original series of black and white prints by artist Jenny Komenda. This simple but interesting print is perfect for any modern space and looks great solo or with its pair!

modern artwork black and white
living room with modern art

Handpainted Wabi-Sabi Large Abstract Wall Art

This Etsy seller is so talented! Each painting is unique and will be created especially for you.

handprinted wall art in living room

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The Sentinel

The American Bison is the iconic symbol of the American West. I sought to capture the wild and rugged spirit of these animals in a charcoal sketch on canvas that provides a rare glimpse into their world as a solitary male stands strong in the adventurous landscape of Wyoming.

buffalo artwork on wall

Oak Park

Hannah Winters’ Oak Park Artwork is a collection of large-scale, painted landscapes. The artist has spent years studying and painting the landscape, which she captures with acute attention to detail and masterful use of color. Her work features a diverse range of subjects, including majestic mountainscapes, idyllic lakeside scenes, and vast oceanscapes. Each piece is thoughtfully composed to capture the essence of each subject while also creating a sense of movement within the scene.

modern landscape artwork
modern landscape artwork on blue wall

JAY-Z – Milk Studio Photograph

The iconic rapper Jay Z smiles during a photoshoot at MILK Studios. As part of CB2’s collaboration with Sonic Editions, the image is printed and expertly mounted in a handcrafted wood frame.

Sonic Editions specializes in limited-edition, fine art photography prints of some of the most excellent musicians.

Jay Z photograph by milk studios


Kristen Giorgi’s paintings are inspired by her fashion background and 1960s color field stain painters. Her pieces have a sense of form and color saturation that result in figurative and abstract works that are “edgy and soft, exuberant and reflective—a mirror of my style and philosophy.”

Sofia painting framed

Elvis Presley in Dayton Photograph

Sonic Editions collaborated with the estate of Elvis Presley to produce this iconic photograph of the musician just months after releasing “Heartbreak Hotel.” The image is printed and expertly mounted in a handcrafted wood frame.

Elvis Presley in Dayton photograph framed

Meditation Painting

This painting is a representation of the feeling of peace and quiet that I feel when I meditate. The colors are soft and muted, which is how my mind feels after a good meditation session. I made this painting while listening to Stillness is the Key by Ryan Holiday. It’s an audiobook about finding your inner power by learning to be still.”

Meditation Painting on a wall in living room
Meditation Painting
gray and white painting

Misty Beaches I

Misty Beach Painting is an acrylic painting of a beach scene. The artist’s intention is to create a soothing, atmospheric effect reminiscent of nature. The painting is done in brushstrokes to blend colors and create a moody sky, beach grass, and sandy beaches. This neutral artwork would go in any living room.

misty beach painting

Queen Photograph

This framed photograph is a collaboration between Queen and Sonic Editions. The image is part of a more extensive series taken by photographer Steve Double on the streets of New Orleans during Queen’s 1981 “Hot Space Tour.” The band is captured in front of an old building used as a photography studio at one point. This particular shot has been handcrafted into a piece of art to be displayed on your living room wall.

Queen photograph framed on wall

Garden Roses Painting

Garden Roses are loose and whimsical, in subtle colors and soft palettes. Their wildness makes them our favorite of the rose family! Although this is Lynne’s take on this stunning garden flower, I fell in love with the moody background and texture!

garden roses painting in living room

Otis Painting Print

“Otis isn’t just a place but a feeling. My husband and I took a trip to Scotland a few years back and climbed a mountain on the Isle of Skye in this rainy mist and fog. Once we reached closer to the top, we popped out of the fog and everything was clearer. It was still miserable, cold, and misty, but I remember smiling because it felt like we had conquered something. That is Otis.” Mande Calhoun-Gaffney

otis painting
Otis painting on wall

What are some of your favorite pieces of wall art? Please share them with us in the comments below!

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