Overwatering Your Houseplants? Stop Killing Them With Kindness


“Help! My houseplants are all dying! I keep killing all my houseplants! What am I doing wrong?”

Sound familiar?

Don’t worry, you aren’t alone & I can help you! These days, the word “houseplant†is synonymous with “happiness†for me and I want it to be for you too!

There are many reasons why your houseplants keep dying, but the #1 cause of houseplants death is killing them with kindness; overwatering. 

Houseplants are a great way to personalize your home, unfortunately, many of us struggle to keep our indoor plants alive—and overwatering may just be why. Are you killing your houseplant with kindness? I am going to teach you about the signs and symptoms of overwatering, as well as the appropriate amount of water needed for five common houseplants. 


stop overwatering your houseplants

What Happens When You Overwater?


There are several signs that you can check for that may indicate whether or not your plant is being watered too much or not enough. 

First, check the leaves. Are they brown and wilted? Yellowed and limp? Research your plant and find pictures of what it should look like at it’s healthiest. Does that match the plant in your pot?

The number one side effect of overwatering is root rot. Root rot is when your plant’s root system essentially “drowns,” leaving slimy roots behind. Because root rot is technically a fungal disease, you may also notice a bad smell or signs of mold around the base of your plant. Once root rot has set in, it is important to remove your plant from any others, as the disease is contagious.


How Much Water Does Your Houseplant Need?


Overwatering is a bad thing, but your plants still need hydration to survive. Below are five of the most common houseplants, as well as the typical amount of watering they need to thrive.


My Quick Guide How Much To Water Peace Lily, Succulents, Aloe, Boston Fern, and Spider Plants 


Watering Tip for Peace Lily

The white blooms of the peace lily are popular among houseplant owners. Peace lilies will let you know when they are thirsty; they will begin to droop. Water them about once per week, adjusting the water level from summer to winter.


Watering Tip for Succulents

Succulents are both on-trend and easy to care for. These popular décor pieces only need enough water to keep them from wilting. Unlike other plants, they store water in their leaves, meaning there will be more time in between watering.


Watering Tip for Aloe

Aloe is both beautiful and functional. Aloe gel is ideal for soothing burns and other minor skin injuries. They only need watering every few weeks, or when their soil dries out.


Watering Tip for Boston Fern

Boston ferns are known for their abundant leaves, but they will only stay that way if watered frequently. They require near-constant moisture.


Watering Tip for Spider Plants

Spider plants can grow to be very voluminous if properly cared for. Only water these when the soil is nearly dry, averaging every 1-2 weeks.

It’s always best to research your own houseplants to know for sure how you should be caring for it. It’s also important to watch your houseplants closely—the better you know them, the more aware you will be if they begin to change for the worse.


STOP Overwatering Your Houseplants

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