When my skin is dry or just in need of a little pick-me-up, I spray a few spritzes of a hydrating facial mist to relieve my skin in seconds and makes me insanely happy. 

Spritzing your houseplants will make them just as happy.

While all plants need water to survive, we tend to focus their watering efforts only on the soil and roots instead of the actual leaves. 

Many houseplants come from tropical regions and require higher humidity to promote new and continuous growth. Misting houseplants can help create this humidity and keep your plants happy. 

Misting is fun. I like doing it in the morning when the sun is rising so I can see the water. It sounds dorky and dull, but it is actually remarkably calming. 

misting houseplants


Here are some of my tips to ensure your houseplants receive the necessary moisture to thrive.



Bunching houseplants together not only makes it easier to mist, but it also provides natural humidity as water transpires from each plant.  It’s also a good idea to keep your plants away from heat and air conditioning vents.


Misting houseplants in the morning will allow the sun to dry the water off of the leaves. Do not mist houseplants at night as this can cause serious diseases.


Giving a good spray down once a day will suffice for most plants. Be sure to hit both the top of the plant and its underside–misting below the leaves helps increase humidity as well as providing water for the roots as the droplets make their way to the soil.


The best tool to use is a hand sprayer with an adjustable nozzle. It’s best to wait 24 hours after filling your sprayer with tap water so that it can get to room temperature and allow the chlorine to evaporate. You may want to use filtered water depending on the quality of your tap.

Other Helpful Houseplant Misting Tools

If you need a little extra help or are just feeling fancy, you can use the following equipment to help with misting your houseplants.

  • Moisture, Light, and PH Meter – This item measures moisture, light, and PH levels for your plant. This is a nice tool for those who like specific data and measurements. It can be helpful for those that tend to overwater their houseplants. 
  • Humidifier – Adding a humidifier close to your houseplants can help ensure regular humidity levels, especially during the winter.
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