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Easy Peace Lily care tips anyone can follow!

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It’s time for another #stopkillinghouseplants post!!


I am on a mission to get more peeps confident in keeping their houseplants alive for longer than the car ride home! #stopkillinghouseplants

I am sharing some of my favorite houseplants, why I love them, and my quick care tips! Because, it is no secret that my doggies and my houseplants have changed my life! Caring for my houseplants has taught me to slow down and appreciate life!!

I hope my #stopkillinghouseplants series can help you end your stint as a ðŸ”ªðŸŒ¿ houseplant serial killer.

Peace Lily Plant

Spathiphyllum (AKA Peace Lily)


Description: Peace lilies are not true lilies at all, but their “blooms” look like Calla Lillies, hence their name. The â€œblooms” are a colored leaf surrounding a club-shaped flower cluster. If well taken care of, they will bloom all year round! Mine has over 5 right now!!


Why I Love It: Peace Lilies are a beautiful, low maintenance plant that will brighten up any room. Peace Lilies can reach up to 4 feet tall and can be the best houseplant because they do not need much watering or much sunlight. This houseplant should be in your home for many reasons 1) being they are beautiful 2) they purify the air, and 3) they are SO easy to care for.

houseplants for cleaner air in your home

My Quick Care Tip: Limited Watering Required! Peace Lilies need to be watered about once a week. These plants will tell you when they are thirsty if they start to droop a little. In the summer, squirting the leaves and flowers with a little room temperature water will help them to stay moist and growing beautifully. Peace Lilies are hardy and resilient! 💪


Want More Flowers? Peace Lillies will bloom frequently when they get enough light. Peace Lillies will bloom frequently when they are kept in bright or medium indirect sunlight. If you notice its leaves starting to turn yellow,  it’s getting too much direct light.


Where to Buy It: You may be able to find it at Home Depot or your local farmer’s market, but if not, you can order a Peace Lily on Amazon from my favorite nursery, Hirt’s Gardens. 

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