How to Care for Your Peace Lily Houseplant


This is one of my most favorite plants!

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People often ask me, “Ren, what is the BEST houseplant?” or “Ren, what would be the best houseplant for someone who kills every plant I touch?”

I love all of my houseplants, but to be fair, I do have some favorites. My Dwarf Banana Tree and my two Monsteras, and my Peace Lily are definitely in the top 10. It is hard to pick, though, because I have over 100 houseplants and I love them all for different reasons.

Peace Lilies are a beautiful low maintenance plant that will brighten up any room. These plants have an open white flower with a yellow spike-sprig sticking out of the middle and bright green leaves. Peace Lilies can reach up to 4 feet tall and can be the best houseplant. This stunning houseplant should be in your home for many reasons. And for those looking at adding to their houseplant collection or those thinking about adopting their first houseplant, I would highly recommend getting a Peace Lily because they are SO easy to care for! In my opinion, The Peace Lily is the Best Houseplant, and everyone should own at least one.

Peace Lily Plant

Peace Lily Houseplant Care Tips

  • Peace Lillies can thrive in low light! This plant is a low-light plant meaning that it does not need direct sunlight. They prefer to have bright, indirect light from a window that is nearby. They can be placed in a room with a window, but the farther away from the window they are, the less likely the flowers will bloom. They can become “leggy,” which means they will have more green leaves and fewer flowers.
  • Limited watering required! This plant is an easy-care houseplant making it one of the best houseplants. Peace Lilies need even moisture about once a week. These plants will tell you they are thirsty when they start to droop a little. Squirting the leaves and flowers with a little water will help them stay wet and growing beautifully in the summer. Peace Lilies are hardy and can last a little while without much water.
  • You will only need to fertilize these plants only about every six weeks with a liquid 20-20-20 solution.
  • Peace Lilies are hearty and will survive in your home year-round! Even in the chilly winters in the midwest! Peace Lilies will flourish indoors at 65-85° temperatures.
  • Peace Lillies will produce beautiful blooms! At times, the leaves on the Peace Lily can collect dust. Wipe the leaves with a wet sponge or cloth. As flowers and leaves start to yellow and die, just cut them at the base. There is white pollen that can fall on the leaves. When these spikes appear, cut them off to avoid this pollen from covering the leaves. This will allow the beautiful spathes to show, the flowers to flourish, and add charm to your home. Want more information about how to keep your peace lily blooming? I have a whole blog post about it HERE. 
  • Peace Lilies clean the air! Yes, you read that right! This plant is on NASA’s list of Top Ten Air Cleaning Plants. It will clean the air around it, making your home cleaner and more beautiful.

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This plant is one that everyone should have in their home. It can make a great gift for Mother’s Day, an anniversary, birthday, or any occasion! If you are looking for a beautiful, easy-care houseplant, buy a Peace Lily!

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