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Julie Solomon's Pitch it Perfect pitching course has helped grow my business! My Honest Review!

I have been a huge fan and student of Julie Solomon since 2016!

I love how she tackles blogging and pitching, which is why I had to share her online course with you: Pitch it Perfect is the only pitching program that teaches influencers & bloggers how to land big bucks brand collabs—all in just one week! If you want to sign up click here.

Many bloggers think the only way to be impactful is through having a high following count on Instagram, but, that’s not true. Yes, having a large Instagtram following is important, but having true engagement, readership, pageviews, social credit, and community is so much more impactful!

After taking the Pitch it Perfect course, I have contributed and/or worked with Huffington Post, Buzzfeed, West Elm, CBS News, Martha Stewart, Nordstrom, and more!

Getting this incredible media coverage has led to hundreds of backlinks to my photography business site and the House Fur Blog! My businesses have grown dramatically and helped me continue to share my expertise with the world!

I am sharing my honest opinions and results from Julie’s course. I am a proud affiliate of her course. Feel free to ask me any questions about the course!

Julie Solomon Pitch it Perfect course

Jules Solomon Will Teach You…

  • Things Your Feed MUST Have to Attract Paid Brand Deals—you’ve likely not thought of this new way to hone in on your niche & find the right audience for your content, but don’t worry. I’m spilling the beans on exactly what you need to get started!
  • How to Elevate Your Elevator Pitch, because it’s normal to think it’s intimidating to write, ok? We’ll get you over that and set to expand your reach with my guide.
  • What to Include in a Pitch to Make It LESS About Yourself—after this part of the workshop, you’ll know the strategies behind what I call the “Shine Method†and have a plan of attack in place: get those fingers ready to type up a pitch so you can land some sweet brand deals & monthly income.
  • What to Charge for a Sponsored Post, I get super transparent here and tell you exactly what I negotiated as I generated more than $500K … with LESS than 20K followers so that you can set up your own rate sheet, too!
  • The Four Pitch Blocks keep so many unseen content creators stuck for years, and how to fix them!
  • What a Successful Pitch Template Should Say – PLUS, you get access to pitch templates from her methodology that has helped over 4,000 successful content creators land brand deals.
  • And more!

pitch it perfect

What is Pitch It Perfect?

Pitch It Perfect is a branding and marketing online pitch program for influencers, bloggers, and entrepreneurs to learn the step-by-step formula for executing a pitch strategy that into lucrative brand and media placements for their businesses.

There are 5 different modules. You can do it at your own pace – one a week or all in one day! I devoured the content and finished it in just two days! The modules go from everything to WHY you should be pitching, how to prep for pitching, pitching principles, best practices, and what to do after pitching.

After taking this course, I was featured and had the opportunity to work with brands such as Huffington Post, Buzzfeed, West Elm, Diet Pepsi, Breyer’s, and more! Getting these incredible brand deals and media coverage has led to not only amazing monetary wins but also hundreds of backlinks directly to my sites! This course has helped me grow my business dramatically!

Give Julie and her course one week of your time and dedication, and she’ll have you pitching brand deals that grow both bank accounts and followers.

If you want to sign up click HERE. #PitchItPerfect

What’s Included in Pitch It Perfect

  • A press kit walkthrough that is proven to attract brands
  • Teaches you how to best respond to a brand when they request your rate sheet
  • Solves your confusion on the purpose of pitching
  • Gives you a no-fail strategy that gets you negotiating every day
  • Pitching techniques that help you negotiate deals for consistent income growth
  • Eliminates your stress by simplifying your message
  • Explains exactly who to pitch – no more cold pitching!
  • Shows how to find and connect with brands without being sales-y
  • Teaches you how to follow up with a brand the right way
  • It shows you exactly what brands look for in blogger investment, their words, not mine (you will see the emails yourself!) 

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