Snowing in Space Coffee – Charlottesville, Viginia


Caleb and I took a drive to Charlottesville yesterday and stumbled upon a really awesome coffee shop! Snowing in Space serves nitro cold brew coffee on tap, homemade pop tarts, and delicious ice cream sandwiches. I loved their colorful atmosphere and the overall vibe of the cafe.

snowing in space coffee

We tried “Gimme Dat” & “Big Blue Thing” from the tap and snacked on a vanilla bean ice cream sandwich. We sat at the bar and watched the action behind the coffee bar for a while before snagging a table by the window.

What makes their coffee so delicious & creamy is that it is infused with nitrogen gas. The high-pressure gas forces the cold brew past a disc in the tap, creating a creamy stout-like effect, just like a Guinness. Their cold brew is served chilled from the tap, not over ice because it will ruin the cascading foam.

I highly recommend stopping at Snowing in Space if you are ever in Charlottesville or visiting the University. Don’t worry you don’t have to be a caffeine addict to appreciate this coffee house – they serve kombucha & soda as well!

follow them on instagram:  @snowinginspace 

snowing in space coffee snowing in space coffee  snowing in space coffee snowing in space snowing in space coffee snowing in space coffee

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