Top 10 Best Holiday Plants to Give as Gifts


Houseplants make amazing gifts for the holidays!

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Houseplants are the perfect gift for the right person. It’s true; not everyone wants to take care of a houseplant. But many people do. They appreciate the amount of life and warmth that a plant can bring to a room just by being there. This is a gift list for them.

Make gift-giving a little easier, think about the plant lover in your life, and find the right holiday plant! Houseplants make amazing gifts for the holidays!

The Top 10 Holiday Houseplants for Gifting

White Jasmine (Trachelospermum jasminoides)

Alluring poets, kings, and lovers for centuries, Jasmine has a rich history. The white flower and sweet scent make it perfect for the holidays. Shop for a White Confederate Jasmine: HERE


A growing Holiday tradition. The Amaryllis only blooms in winter. Save the bulbs after they bloom-learn how to care for them, and they’ll come back for next year. Shop for an Amaryllis: HERE


Peace Lily

A traditional houseplant with a jungle appeal, the peace lily’s flowers have pedals as white as snow. Peace lilies are not true lilies, but their blooms look like Calla Lillies, hence their name. The blooms are a colored leaf surrounding a club-shaped flower cluster. Shop for a Peace Lily: HERE

peace lily

Christmas Cactus (Schlumbergera xbuckleyi)

For the succulent lover. Flowers of white and red to pink color bloom indoors in the height of winter. Shop for your Christmas Cactus: HERE

Varigated Shell Ginger (Alpinia zerumbet “Variegata”)

Varigated Ginger is a herbaceous perennial in the ginger family grown throughout the world for its attractive flowers and foliage. Place this perennial in full sun or partial shade. It will perform well in moist, fertile soils that are well-drained. Shop for your Varigated Ginger: HERE

Read more about these beautiful plants on the UW Madison Master Gardener Program.

Frosty Fern (Elaginella kraussiana)

This holiday fern has delicate snowflake-like flowers adding a wintry touch to any table. Indoors, give your Frosty Fern bright but indirect light. Outdoors it prefers shade. Shop for your Frosty Fern: HERE

Paperwhite Narcissus (Narcissus papyraceus)

These tall white flowers grown from bulbs known for their alluring winter smell are a holiday favorite. Native to the Mediterranean, “Paperwhites” produce clusters of white, yellow, or orange flowers. Shop for Your Paperwhite Narcissus: HERE

Narcissus Sir Winston Churchill


An evergreen Azalea makes a great year-round houseplant. Its colorful flowers come out around both Easter and Christmas in most climates. Shop for a Christmas Azalea: HERE

Norfolk Island Pine

These miniature pines can pack a lot of holiday spirit into a pretty small place. Norfolk Island pines make a nice and fairly long-lived houseplant, slowly reaching a height of 6 feet. Shop for a Norfolk Island Pine: HERE


The second edible plant on our list makes a lovely window sill plant naturally at home in the kitchen. Rosemary does well in many climates and is reasonably cold hearty and can typically be hardened off and planted outside in the coming spring, where it can grow quite large. Rosemary needs well-drained soil and at least six hours of quality light. Shop for a Rosemary plant: HERE


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