January 31, 2019

25 Blog Post Prompts & Ideas That Will Inspire You


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Looking for blog post prompts or inspiration? I’ve got you covered!

As a blogger, I know it can be challenging to come up with new ideas for your blog posts. I also know that great content is king and works twofold by increasing your readership and boosting your website rankings.

If you’re experiencing writer’s block, or just need some inspiration, this post is for you! I encourage you to check out the following 25 Blog Post Prompts & Ideas That Will Inspire.

Feel free to use these ideas to spark more than just posts for your blog – use them to help you write your instagram captions, journal entries, tweets, etc. And, if this post is helpful to you, please let me know by tagging me in your post @house_fur! I love knowing what is and isn’t helpful to my readers and online community of friends and family!



25 Blog Post Prompts & Ideas That Will Inspire


  1. List Posts are a staple blog idea that makes for quick reading and provides valuable information. Create a list of your favorite tools, books, resources, etc.
  2. A How-To-Post explains a process or procedure step-by-step. Include photos and/or audio to enrich the post.
  3. Consider doing a series of Definition Posts to educate your readers about terminology in your niche.
  4. A Checklist Post is easy to digest and encourages readers to take action by checking off the items.
  5. If you repeatedly get asked the same questions, create an FAQ Post.
  6. A Problem/Solution Post has an easy format: Define a problem and state the solution.
  7. Break down a topic into a Series Post, maybe a daily post over the course of a week or a weekly post over the course of a month. Link the series together as the posts are published.
  8. If you follow an influencer in your niche, write a Profile Post about them. Be sure to contact and let them know you’ve profiled them, so they have the opportunity to share your post.
  9. Reach out to an influencer, client or customer and ask them to participate in an Interview Post.
  10. Round up several blog posts that will appeal to your audience, provide links and a description to create a Roundup Post. 
  11. A Product Post is a no-brainer if you’re rolling out a new product or service.
  12. Create content that provides a better understanding of yours (or any) product with a Product Tip Post.
  13. Most people resonate with quotes, so pull together several relevant quotes for a Quote Post.
  14. Pick of the Week Posts is popular as a consistent series where you write a short description of a product or service.
  15. If you have a list of favorite bloggers or influencers, introduce them to your readers in a People to Follow Post.
  16. Weave a fascinating tale through a Story Post.
  17. Create your own or share a meme with a Meme Post.
  18. Educate your audience about a particular product or service through a Review Post.
  19. Use a Survey Post to poll your readers to find out their specific needs or wants.
  20. Feature a client you’ve worked with or a project you’ve worked on with a Customer Showcase Post.
  21. Allow your audience to gain access to a relevant giveaway with a Freebie Post.
  22. Pose a challenge to your audience through a Challenge Post, and encourage them to share their results.
  23. Use a Contest Post to announce a contest for your readers to participate in.
  24. Announce new employees, major contracts or anything newsy with a Company Update Post.
  25. If you’re comfortable with it, be open and transparent by publishing an Income Post. Talk about any goals you set for your income – what investments in yourself or your business worked for you and what didn’t.


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25 blog post ideas and prompts to inspire you25 blog prompts and ideas to inspire you



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