6 Virtually Kill-Proof Houseplants


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Do you struggle to keep your houseplants alive? I am sharing 6 houseplants that even the residual houseplant killer can keep alive. You just might have a green thumb after all!

Nothing gives life into a room quite like a vibrant house plant, they’re like art and poetry combined.

But as much as they add to our lives, it can be tricky to care for them. If you’ve killed more plants than you can count, you are definitely not alone. You just may not have met the right plant yet.

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6 Virtually Kill-Proof Houseplants


Jade: If its exotic name and stunning color weren’t enough, Jade is a succulent that stores its own water. The leaves hold what it needs to hydrate, and once they fall or get plucked, they propagate the plant through the soil. Talk about self-sufficiency!


Philodendron: Known as the plant for those with “black thumbs,” philodendrons love to be left alone. Ideal as house plants, they also thrive outdoors, making them ultra-versatile. A flowering plant, philodendrons produce foliage in an array of colors.


Spider Plant: An instant eye-catcher, Ocean Spider Plants are deceptively simple. They like indirect sunlight and minimal water and are one of the proven winners for those who lack the green-thumb confidence.

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Aloe: Aloe prefers completely dry soil, which means you can go weeks between waterings. A soothing succulent, aloe is beautiful, but also very useful. While it’s known as a salve for burns and cuts, it also heals digestion, cold sores, dry scalp, and more. It doesn’t ask for much but gives so much in return.


Bunny Ears: Could there be a cuter name for a plant? Bet you wouldn’t have guessed it’s a cactus- and a thornless one at that. Bunny Ears thrive in soil that is dry in the top inch and prefer direct sunlight since they originated in Mexico.


Monstera aka: Swiss Cheese Plant  is native to the rainforests of Central America & Mexico, but will do just fine in your home given the proper care & (minimal) attention. You can read more about the Swiss Cheese Plant in this blog post.

Swiss cheese Plant monstera


These 6 houseplants are sure to thrive and revive your living space, but no matter how simple the plant is to grow, there are some important tips to remember.

Always read the care card that is tucked in the soil to learn the plant’s preferences. While a cactus may not require much care, too much water can quickly kill it. Houseplants prefer comfortable temperatures, just like people and pets, so avoid rooms that are too cold, too hot, or too drafty. And pay attention to whether it likes direct sunlight, as this varies from plant to plant.


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