6 Houseplants That Would Love to Live in Your Bathroom


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Finding Houseplants for your bathroom is easier than you think! I’ve gathered a list of my favorite houseplants for your bathroom!

These houseplants will flourish and pretty-up your bathroom because even this room deserves a little love and greenery!

I love having houseplants in our bathroom. It adds so much character and a sense of “freshness” to a relatively plain space. 

We have an Aloe Plant, Spider Plant, and a ZZ Plant in our bathroom. 

Bathrooms have tricky environments — low light, high moisture, and warm temperatures — so finding a houseplant that can thrive in this room can be a difficult task.

Tropical plants are often the best for this environment because of their resiliency and love for moisture. But, there are plenty of non-tropical houseplants that would love to live your bathroom!

I’ve gathered a list of my favorite common houseplants that will flourish and pretty-up your bathroom because even this room deserves a little love and greenery!

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6 Houseplants That Would Love to Live in Your Bathroom



1) Snake Plant

Formally known as the Sansevieria, the Snake Plant is an excellent choice for any home environment, but especially a bathroom due to its adaptability.

It is extremely tolerant—in fact, it’s been called nearly impossible to kill—and if kept in a humid bathroom, they might need little to no water whatsoever. They are also known to filter toxins from the air, perfect to counteract bathroom cleaning products.


snake plant houseplant care


2) Dracaena

With over 40 varieties to choose from, finding a Dracaena reflexa that fits your bathroom décor is simple and straightforward.

Because Dracaena’s should never be placed in direct sunlight, bathrooms are a great choice for these plants. This plant also prefers high levels of humidity and as a slow grower, it can stay in one spot without maintenance for long periods of time.


3) N-Joy Pothos (a specific variety of Pothos)

It has smaller leaves than standard Pothos Plants. They are also unique in coloring because they are white & green rather than being completely green, like Devil’s Ivy. They grow rather slowly, but they look beautiful in a hanging planter and they are a slower growing variety.

They are extremely versatile, love humidity, and require no special care; Pothos plants tolerate low light, but grow well in all types, and prefer moist soil.


4) Tillandsias

Tillandsias, often referred to as air plants, do not require soil to grow, meaning they are perfect for a variety of environments. Keep them in your shower window—where you can easily spray them with water on occasion—or hang your air plants in a planter in spritz often. 

You can have 3 shipped to your house for under $20 on Amazon. 

air plant


5) Devil’s ivy (a specific variety of Pothos) 

With its well-known capabilities of purifying the air, Devil’s Ivy beautiful and practical addition to a bathroom. They are extremely versatile and require no special care; Pothos tolerate low light, but grow well in all types, and prefer moist soil. Because it can grow quite rapidly, hanging it from a shelf or ceiling allows the vines to trail down and grow naturally. It is also called Devil’s vine or Devil’s ivy because it is almost impossible to kill and it stays green even when exposed to limited lighting.

As one of the easiest plants to grow, Devil’s Ivy is a hardy, carefree houseplant that is relatively laidback. The plant can reach about four inches in length indoors, which can be a great decoration for bathrooms with windowsills. This is also a great place for your Devil’s Ivy because it needs sunlight.

Note: Devil’s Ivy is toxic, so keep out of reach of children and pets. We have one hanging in our home and it is so pretty and bright!


6) ZZ Plant

The Zamioculcas zamiifolia also known as a ZZ plant or Eternity Plant can survive in low-light conditions and is a type of succulent—meaning it requires little to no maintenance. This plant should only be watered every one or two weeks and because of its hardiness, it is also nearly impossible to kill. Ours used to be in our sunroom, but since moving it to our bathroom it has grown like crazy!

zz plant


Bonus! #7 Spider Plant

Spider Plants are non-toxic to animals and great for reducing toxins in your home or office. They love humidity so they thrive in bathrooms. If you are noticing the ends of the leaves turning brown, give it a tad more water or move it to a location with higher humidity >> aka Your Bathroom!

spider houseplants houseplants for your bathroom

1) Snake Plant | 2) Dracaena3) N-Joy Pothos  4) Tillandsias | 5) Devil’s Ivy | 6) ZZ Plant



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