April 23, 2019

How to Attract Your Ideal Client (Creating Your Client Avatar)


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Creating your client avatar is the best way to attract your ideal client.

How to Attract Your Ideal Client by Creating Your Client Avatar


You have the talent, equipment, and drive to be successful. It is time to grow your photography business by attracting your idea clients! Once I really determined who my idea client was, my business grew rapidly!

When I started Studio 29 Photography in July of 2010 I photographed 12 weddings and only a handful of family sessions. After only a few years into my business I was photographing over 20 weddings and over 75 family sessions a year. 

Today, I photograph 25-30+ weddings a year (all depends on how many we want to take on), some of my most favorite brands, and hundreds of amazing families. Creating my client avatar really helped me decide what type of photography I want to specialize in and control who I was attracting and working with.

As you are starting your business, there are many questions to ask yourself. One of the most important questions to ask yourself  is who your ideal clients are. This concept can be referred to as a client avatar. Creating your client avatar is the best way to attract your ideal client. Trust me, once you create your client avatar your photography business will grow and you will be photographing exactly who & what you want to be photographing!

Pictured here is one of my most favorite families; I visit Joey & Byron in Colorado as often as possible to document every stage of their life since they were engaged!


attract your ideal clients for your photography business


What is a Client Avatar?


So, what exactly is a client avatar and how do you create the perfect one? A client avatar is the imagined person that represents who you want to target for your business.

Who exactly are your dream clients? Usually, asking yourself that question will help you hone into who your ideal clients are. This idea is used to help you decide exactly who you want to work with and who your perfect client will be. This is the person for whom you are creating your business allowing you to be able to provide them with the services they want.


How Do You Create a Client Avatar?


The first step in creating an avatar is to have a broad idea of who you want to work with. This can include age range, gender, family ties, and location.

Once you have a general visual, you can start to hone it down a little more. Be as specific as possible with the description of the perfect client. You can even go as far as giving this person a name, age, job, and specific needs for your services.

After creating this client avatar, go out and find them! Talk to people, look online for requests, and talk to them about what they are hoping for in the way of photos.


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Why is Creating a Client Avatar Important?


Once you finish creating a client avatar, you will be able to understand your customers a little better. This may include ideas such as their wants and dreams for the perfect photo shoot and memories to last! As you create this ideal client, you will tap into their desires and be able to give them exactly what they are looking for. By defining who you are trying to book, you will find your voice/brand for your business and book more clients.

Sharing your creations and excitement with your ideal clients can be so rewarding. Remember, you want to speak to the right people, not everyone. “If you’re speaking to everyone, you’re speaking to NO ONE!” Your work is special and your clients should be as well!


How to Attract Your Ideal Client

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