How to Ask Customers for a Review About Your Business


Asking a customer for a review can be daunting, but if you are serving your clients to the best of your ability, than they usually are more than happy to support you and your business. Read on for 5 ways you can ask for customer reviews and receive support from your clients and community.

In an age of influencer marketing where online reviews are treated like personal recommendations, businesses need to take a proactive approach when building, monitoring and nurturing a positive online reputation.

In addition, customer reviews are an excellent way to market yourself and your business for FREE.

Here are a few suggestions on how to ask for client reviews, also known as testimonials.


  • Just Ask. According to Marketing Land, asking for a review in person is “the gold standard,” especially if you offer services and have spent a good deal of time with your customer on a project. If they seem uneasy, offer them anonymity. The optimal timeframe to ask for a review is three to five days after product purchase or service delivery while it’s still fresh in their mind.
  • Send Targeted Emails to Ask for Reviews. Utilize your email list and analytical data to send targeted emails to your customers, encouraging them to write a review and/or provide tips for a particular product or service they purchased. Spice up the ask by offering them a discount on their next purchase.
  • Show That You’re Listening. Engage in all feedback, negative or positive, to show that you are listening. Even negative feedback can provide valuable insights. Reward positive comments with gratefulness and genuinely recognize negative feedback. In addition to strengthening your brand’s integrity, listening and following through can improve the quality of your products and services through your customers’ eyes.
  • Give a Delightful Parting Gift. Thank your clients for their business with a delightful parting gift and let them know how important their experience with you is taken. Include a “soft push” for a review on the site of your choice with a simple statement such as, “If you would like to let others learn about your experience with us, it would mean a lot if you could please take a moment and leave a review on [site].
  • Do Good Work, Provide Value And the Reviews Will Follow. It sounds pretty simple, but if you’re providing quality products and valuable services in a timely fashion, customers won’t need prompting to write reviews and more than likely will become devoted advocates of your brand. This is the way we get about 99% of our reviews for our Studio 29 Photography work.


Thank you for reading! Your love and support fuel this blog and I am forever grateful.


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how to ask your clients for reviews


customer reviews are an excellent way to market yourself and your business for free

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