Best Holiday Gifts for Your Dog


I'm having a hard time buying only a few things from my Holiday Gift Guide for Dogs.

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Dogs are more than just pets; they’re loyal companions and members of the family. As dog owners, we have a special bond with our furry friends that transcends words. That’s why giving them a gift this holiday season is a great way to show them love and appreciation!

In this blog post, we’ll share with you some of the best gift ideas for your furry friend. We aim to help you choose a present that speaks to your personality and lifestyle. We understand that picking the right gift can be overwhelming, so we’ve researched for you! We’ve considered factors such as durability, comfort, and safety to provide you with a curated list of unique and thoughtful gift ideas that will make your furry friend feel extra special.

Keep reading to discover some of our favorite gift ideas, including a personalized dog bed, a chew toy that cleans teeth while your dog plays, and a GPS tracker that ensures your furry friend never gets lost. These gifts cut because they are not only practical but also fun and unique. Your furry friend deserves the best, and we’re confident that our list will help you find the perfect gift they’ll love!

Kenzo & Vík have a toy box in our living room, and it is so cute when they dig in and pull out a specific toy, play with it for a little while, and then go back and select another. I love this time of year because it means I can replenish their toy box with fresh new squeaky balls and tug toys!

Don’t forget your fur babies this Holiday Season!! I’m having difficulty narrowing down only a few things from my Holiday Gift Guide for dogs!

bull dog chewing on holiday decorations

The Best Holiday Gift Guide For Dogs

Happy howl-idays! I love shopping for holiday gifts for our dogs!

1) LL Bean Therapeutic Dog Couch

Senior dogs have earned the right to a good night’s sleep, and the innovative memory-foam support of this therapeutic dog couch gives them the comfort they deserve.

a dog laying comfortably in a dog bed

2) Huggle Hounds LL Bean Woodland Knotties, Fox

Featuring their exclusive three-layer construction, this supersoft yet ultratough HuggleHounds® dog toy offers lots of happy playing time for your best friend.

a red rox dog toy

3) Mason Stoneware Fire Hydrant Shaped Pet Treat Canisters

Keep the treats somewhere cute in this made-to-display canister. Crafted of glazed stoneware, it comes in your choice of matte neutral and has a narrow width and modest height that slides in easily on the counter.

Fire Hydrant Shaped Pet Treat Canisters

4) Nerf Squeaker Ball

Vik loves his squeaky Nerf ball so much. He left it at my photography studio a few months ago, and I totally forgot about it until one of my client’s dogs found it and loved it too! When I brought it home to Vi­k, he was so excited!

a red nerf ball for a dog

5) Pottery Barn Doggie Toy Basket

Keep doggie treats, toys, and leashes corralled in this charming wicker chest.

a dog bone shaped pet toy basket

6) Badlands Kuddler Pet Bed

Give your furry family member a stylish and comfortable spot to rest. Bold stripes on the soft fleece and contrast cording make the plush Badlands Comfort Cushion Pet Bed from Pendleton a stylish piece you can place in any room of the home. A cuddly design is perfect for smaller pets.

a colored dog bed

7) Snuffle Mat for Dogs

Laetipet sniffing pad encourages the dog’s natural foraging behavior. The process of finding food through scenting will consume a lot of energy to prevent the dog from being overly energetic and destructive while exercising the dog’s sense of smell, improving the dog’s intelligence, stimulating appetite, and avoiding gobbling.

You can hide the food in this dog feeding mat and let your dog find his treat to encourage sniffing and interactive play.

snuffle mat for dogs

8) Jiminy’s Sustainable Dog Treats

Yep! Sustainable dog treats exist, and I found them! This sample pack includes Pumpkin & Peanut Butter, Peanut Butter & Blueberry, Sweet Potato & Apple, and Peas & Sweet Potato. They are made with Cricket Protein!

Humans have been eating insects for thousands of years. But Jiminy’s Sustainable Cricket Protein Dog Treats is one of the first companies to add powdered cricket protein to theirs! I’m pretty excited about these doggy treats because they have so many health benefits – I wrote a whole blog post about them. 

cricket protein dog treats

9) Wild One Conditioning Dog Shampoo

Pamper your pet with a frothy spa-like shampoo from a soothing blend of natural oils and extracts that clean and condition fur.

eucalyptus dog shampoo

10) Sniff & Bark

USE code HOUSEFUR for 20% OFF your order! Have your best friend look their best in anything from Sniff & Bark! I love their bandana prints!!

sniff and bark bandanas


11) Bond & Co. Copper Suede Dog Collar

The Bond & Co. Copper Suede Dog Collar is a classy option for the pup that likes to stand out. This designer dog collar features genuine leather and suede in copper tones, puts your pooch s trendy side on full display.

a brown suede dog collar with gold buckle

12) House Dogge Wool Binky Tug Toy

Inspired by the soulful character of her Olde English Bulldogge, Angela Medlin, founder of House Dogge, designs fun and environmentally thoughtful dog toys and accessories. Made from naturally antimicrobial and biodegradable wool without toxins or glues, this tug toy brings sustainability to playtime with your pup companion.

soft plush dog rope toys

13) Dog GPS Tracking Device

Whether you’re out on a hike, exploring a new park, or just running errands, this tracking device provides peace of mind knowing that you can always locate your furry friend in case they wander off or get lost. The device syncs with an app on your phone, allowing you to set up geofencing boundaries and receive alerts if your dog goes beyond them.

With its long battery life and reliable connection, you can trust that your furry friend is always within reach.

different colors of Dog GPS Tracking Device

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