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Can Dogs Eat Broccoli? Food Safety for Dogs

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Can Dogs Eat Broccoli?

Broccoli is safe for dogs to eat in small quantities, but is best reserved as an occasional treat, rather than as a supplement to their diet. Dogs can eat both cooked and raw broccoli as long as there are no seasonings or oils added.

The American Kennel Club’s chief veterinarian, Dr. Jerry Klein, stated that in veterinary medicine circles, broccoli is generally considered safe in very small quantities. Broccoli as a food source should never exceed 10 percent of a dog’s daily food intake.

Dogs require fewer vegetables and fruits in their diet than humans do to stay healthy. Often times, if your dog is eating a high-quality dog food it is getting all the vitamins it needs, so using Broccoli as a snack here and there is fine, but not as their main meal.

Both Kenzo + Vík eat limited ingredient Blue Buffalo Freedom dog food, we do not give them broccoli as a treat or a supplement to their diet.

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