December 22, 2017

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It’s no secret that I live a pretty busy lifestyle, but despite being busy, I have high expectations for the state of our home looking straight out of a catalog. I get extremely stressed out when our house is in disarray and I am a nut when it comes to clutter. I love a completely empty kitchen island, a perfectly made bed, drawn curtains, and shiny hardwood floors.

Here are my top housekeeping tips for maintaining our home with a crazy hyper & curious puppy and 3 high-shedders (our Akita & two cats).

My House Cleaning Tips for Pet Owners


Disinfectant Towels

I am a clean freak and I love sanitizing our counters, faucets, door handles, and cabinet doors with the Seventh Generation Lemongrass disinfecting wipes. I like these because they do not leave behind streaks on the countertops, are safe to use around pets, and they do the job well without using more than a few at a time.


Make the Bed, ASAP

My day really starts as soon as I start getting out of bed and place two feet on the floor. Making the bed every day makes your space feel pulled together. It always gives me a little feeling of accomplishment. It sets the tone for the day AND at the end of the day it is always nice to crawl into a made bed rather than having the sheets all scattered around.


Rugs in the Doorways

We have a door mat outside and a rug on the inside to collect dirt/rain water/snow from their paws. Caleb & I take off our shoes when we are in the house to reduce dirt getting scattered throughout the house as well. Since it gets kind of chilly during the winter months, with all the hardwood flooring, we either just wear our socks or Caleb and I both have a pair of moccasinsfor inside. All of the floor rugs that we have in our home are washer & dryer friendly and vacuum really well.


The Vacuum is My Best Friend

**UPDATE** We just purchased the new Dyson V8 Animal Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner. The suction and pure genius of this vacuum overrules anything I said previously about the Shark vacuum. Honestly, I have never loved vacuuming as much as I do now – – and trust me, I love vacuuming! I will say I was a little queasy about spending almost double what we had spent on the Shark DuoClean, but now after only using our Dyson once, I am completely satisfied with it’s price tag.

Our house is entirely tile or hardwood floors and I vacuum several times a week with our Shark DuoClean Vacuum. My favorite accessory is the pet-hair-attachment-tool which works great on furniture & for our car. I also like that it is extremely easy to empty & that the replacement filters are not too pricy. The suction on this vacuum is better than any we’ve had before and because it is lightweight I am able to easily get it up & downstairs.

On days when I am not vacuuming with our Shark, I let our iRobot Roomba go to town. I like how meticulous the Roomba is and that she can wiggle her way through our bar stools in the kitchen. 


Air Purifiers Are My Second Best Friend

We have three Levoit Air Purifiers in our home; 1 on the main floor, 1 in our bedroom, and 1 at the landing at the top of the stairs. They are quiet enough to act as ambient white noise and strong enough to filter pet dander and cat litter smells. We change the air filters about every 6-8 months and have had amazing success with these. Hilariously, Vík used to think it was a game to tap the On/Off button when we first brought him home.


Scheduled Laundry & Dishes 

Since it is just the two of us, we do not have very many dishes. Caleb spot cleans in between dishwasher runs to keep the amount of times we actually run the dish washer to a minimum. We also make sure to either wash our dishes or load them into the dishwasher before leaving the kitchen after a meal, that way there is never a pile of unclean dishes laying around.

Contrary to the dishwasher, we do a lot of laundry. Once a week we wash the bedsheets, hand and bath towels. And every other week we wash the heavier blankets, throws, and the floor rugs. I also make sure I wash the dogs stuffed toys one a month & we have specific toys that stay inside and ones specifically for outside play.

Caleb and I work together as a team to fold and put away all the laundry every week so that it can be done as quickly as possible. Putting away the laundry as a team makes this chore go by faster and we never have to worry about our clean clothes piling up and getting wrinkled in the laundry basket. Kenzo & Vík are subscribed to Barkbox, so if toys are looking in rough shape I do not hesitate to throw them out.


Diffusing Essential Oils = My jam!

We have an essential oil diffuser in our kitchen, living-room, and one in our bedroom on my nightstand. I like diffusing Lemon on the first floor & I mix it up in the bedroom at night, but some of my favorites are Tangerine & Lavender.  are I get all of our essential oils from Jade Bloom. I like Jade Bloom because they are high-quality essential oils that are safe to use around pets. Check with your vet about which essential oils are safe for your dogs & cats. And in case you missed it, I’ve recently written what I know about Safe Essential Oils for dogs, HERE. 



I groom Kenzo twice a week and Vík once a week to keep down on the amount of hair in our home. I will groom Kenzo, our Akita, multiple times a day when he is going through a blow-out in his shedding cycle otherwise we will literally have clumps of fur scattered through out the house. I use a standard brush or the FURminator on our dogs.


Dog Beds

We have four dog beds in our home for Kenzo & Vík; 1 in the living-room, 1 in the foyer/dining-room, and 2 in our bedroom. Having multiple dog beds gives Kenzo & Vík a place of their own to nap, sleep, and chew their bully sticks. Our dogs are not allowed on the couch, but we do allow them on the ottoman in the living-room. I put a blanket on the ottoman to keep dog fur and possible dirt from their paws from destroying the upholstery.

I make sure to vacuum and wash their dog beds once a week to keep down on the pet dander, dirt, and any oils from their skin that may cause an oder. We also wash all of our laundry with sanitizing detergent and we add in the Downy Unstoppables so that everything has an amazing smell after it comes out of the wash as well. Our dog beds are from Home Depot, Costco, and my favorite, Molly Mutt. 


Getting Steamy in Here

After vacuuming I use our steam mop to sanitize and clean our hardwood floors. I love steam cleaning because it doesn’t leave a film or any streaks on the hardwood floor that we used to get when we would mop the floors. I feel like the steam mop does a better job really getting our floors to look brand new every time.


Regular Toilet & Tub Scrubbings 

We have shower cleaning and toilet cleaning tools in 2 of the four bathrooms and Caleb and I take turns cleaning the toilets. We spray down our shower & tub frequently in between full cleanings to minimize the soap scum build up.


Swiffer Wet Mop

I never thought I would love Swiffer Wet Mop Pads as much as I do. It is honestly the quickest & easiest way to do a quick disinfecting cleaning and it works wonders on our hardwood & ceramic tile floors.


High Quality Air Filters & Furnace Maintenance 

We use the highest grade air filters for our furnace that Home Depot sells and Caleb schedules a routine Furnace cleaning & inspection every year.


Bathing the Pups

Caleb and I take Kenzo & Vík to the doggy wash down the street and wash and groom them. We bring our own organic aloe & oatmeal pet shampoo and conditioner because their skin gets really dry during the winter and we’ve found this shampoo to be really helpful for them. We like the Vanilla & Almond scent one the best.


DO you have pets? Do you have any special tips for keeping your house tidy & clean?

the useful products that help me keep our house clean


Want more ways to keep your home clean; you may enjoy reading about Pet Friendly Plants That Purify the Air!!

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house cleaning tips for dog owners


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