How to Make Your Website Your 24/7 Salesperson


How to make your website your 24/7 salesperson!

Your Website is the most important “salesperson” for your business. Read on and let’s Make Your Website Your 24/7 Salesperson! I always wanted to be a person who could make money in my sleep. I wanted to wake up one morning with exciting texts saying that I made yet another sale. Wake me up the fresh smell of dolla Dolla bills, please. LOL

make your website sell for you as your 24-7 salesperson

The dream of passive income is one of the many reasons that people flock to running an online business. Or at the least, having an online presence like your website. Regardless of what you’re doing (sleeping, eating, or checking Insta), your website is always up and running to close the next sale.

But having a website up and running isn’t enough to book clients in your sleep. Your website isn’t just here to just sit n’ look pretty. If you actually want to generate leads and close sales through your website, it needs to advocate for your products and services like a salesperson. 

As a sales trainer, business and mindset coach, and copywriter, I’ve learned a thing or two about selling and the process people go through when choosing to invest.

Closing sales online isn’t as easy as just having a giant “buy now” button above the fold. Your copy (i.e. the text on your website) needs to be compelling and persuasive.


Don’t just tell. SELL.


Keep reading for my top tips as a coach and copywriter to write compelling copy that will truly make your website your 24/7 salesperson.


Connection Emotionally With Your Readers

Asking for help is a vulnerable experience. When your potential clients and customers come to your website, they’re seeking help in fixing a pain point in their lives. They’re looking for a solution.

You happen to have the solution, the magic elixir, to their struggles. Whether that’s capturing their best light on the day of their wedding or helping them eat like they love themselves, you have an offer that can help them achieve their goal.

The key to closing is to create an emotional connection with them so that they can trust you with their journey. People buy from people they know, like, and trust because they’re allowing you to be a part of their story.

Selling is a practice of human connection.

Whether it’s on your home page, about page, or work with me page, you need to show your potential clients and customers that you understand their experience.

As I wrote in my post How to Write a Sales Story That Sells, the words and phrases that you use will give your leads the “like you’re in my mind” sensation. The more that they feel like you really “get them”, the easier it is to trust you with their story.

Put yourself in your potential clients’ shoes. How are they feeling right now? What are five words to describe their emotional experience pre-investing in your offer? How is this emotional state affecting their life and desire to have their goals met?

Ex. Before hiring a wedding photographer, brides are overwhelmed, pressured, and anxious. Show them that you get what it’s like to be so overwhelmed that you can’t see your to-do list clearly. Or that you totally get what it’s like to know you have a big decision to make and you’re here to make sure it’s the right fit.

Clearly Communicate Your Offers


Clarity beats cuteness every time with your copy. I know that it can be tempting to make your copy more flowery or cute if it’s feeling blah.

But if your cuteness drowns out the clarity in your copy, people won’t buy. No matter how hilarious your pun is.

Why? Because people need to feel certain and confident when making a decision. They can’t make confident decisions when they’re confused – let alone choose to invest.

There are other, more effective ways to make your copy more compelling without losing the actual point of what you’re trying to say. But if you’re stuck between clarity and cute, choose clarity every time.

Make sure that your copy clearly communicates the things that people most want to know when they’re thinking about buying something:

  • What’s included? Be clear on quantity, length of time, materials, usage restrictions, etc.
  • What are the next steps? What happens after they click the buy button? What does the rest of the process look like?
  • What are common questions (FAQs) that people ask? (And their answers)
  • Why you? Why are you the best solution to their problem or the best authority on the subject? Why should they trust you with their story? Why are you invested in their success?
  • What’s the refund policy? Be clear on if you offer refunds, timeline, the things they need to have to qualify for a refund, etc.


How to Ask for the Sale


This might sound obvious at first. You can list out all the great benefits of your offer. But without asking for the sale, people won’t know what to do next.

Your copy is a great place to display your leadership qualities as an expert. You’re leading them through the process of buying from you.

When you step up as the leader, your potential buyers will meet you there.

Asking for the sale on your website means having clear calls to action (CTAs) asking people to buy. You can check out this example from my sales page for my service Compelling Copy On Call; where the headline specifically asks for the sale. The CTA responds to that ask. Just like you would have in an in-person sales conversation.


Be Focused on the Results


People always want to know, “What am I getting out of this?” Your copy isn’t the time to shrink and be uber modest. It’s your time to shine and show the world how your incredible offer will change their lives.

One of the biggest mistakes that I see people make with their copy is that they don’t drive their results home. They’re clear on what the offer is, what it includes, and the next steps.

But they forget to answer the most important question of all: why does it matter?

Why does your offer matter? What results is it going to give your clients and customers after they book you or purchase your product? What are the emotional and physical results of working with you?

Take these questions back as much as you can to the big three of investing: health, wealth, and relationships. These are the top-of-mind topics that people are most willing and ready to invest in.

For example, I could have titled this post “Write Better Website Copy†vs. “Write Copy That Books More Clients†vs “How to Make Your Website Your 24/7 Salespersonâ€. This title appeals to both financial and time wealth.

You need to constantly bring the reader back to why your offer matters in their life and how it solves a top-of-mind struggle.

An exercise that I frequently assign my coaching clients is to continually ask yourself why does this matters? for every result you can think of.

For example, when Ren wrote her awesome SEO book, at one point, she titled it 10 SEO Tips. I recommended that she tweak the title to 10 SEO Tips to Increase Your Website Traffic because getting more website traffic is the “why†behind wanting to amp up your SEO game.

You could even take that a step further with why does increase website traffic matters? To book more clients, get into better ad networks, etc. Essentially, to make more money.

Why do the results that you deliver matter? Paint a clear picture for your leads of what life will be like if they work with you. Being able to feel it will inspire them to buy vs. checking things off a “must-have” list.

Making more sales on your website is totally doable if you double down on your website copy. Implement these tweaks to transform your copy and before you know it, you’ll be waking up to the fresh smell of dolla dolla bills.

Melanie St. Clair is a coach and copywriter

  • Author Bio: Melanie St. Clair is a coach and copywriter for the most fun and brilliant creatives on the internet. Her mission is to help you access your brilliance, trust and love yourself unconditionally, and share your unique gifts with the world to make an impact. Whether that’s alongside you as your coach or writing words to sell your magic as your copywriter. 








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