June 17, 2019

#stopkillinghouseplants Oxalis Triangularis


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It’s time for a #stopkillinghouseplants post!

I am on a mission to get more peeps confident in keeping their houseplants alive for longer than the car ride home! #stopkillinghouseplants

Every Monday through the month of July I am sharing some of my favorite houseplants, why I love them, and my quick care tips!

It is no secret that my doggies and my houseplants have changed my life! Cleaner Air & Clearer + Calmer Mind = Happier Life

I hope my #stopkillinghouseplants series can help you end your stint as a 🔪🌿 houseplant serial killer. The first plant in my series is the: Oxalis Triangularis.


Oxalis triangularis (AKA false ☘️ shamrock)


Description: It is native to Brazil and known for its’ bold beautiful colors that range from deep violet to crimson red.


My Quick Care Tips: Oxalis requires multiple hours of direct sunlight each day. They’re perfect for a south facing sunroom or window that gets plenty of light! Like some houseplants, this one is isn’t good for pets to nibble on, so take caution when choosing a lower placement that may be easy for cats, dogs, or even kiddos to take a taste.


Why I Love It: I love how “alive” Oxalis’ are! They open and close as the sun rises and sets & they lean left to right as the sun moves throughout the day. I also love how often they blossom. I’ve gifted this plant to my mom and my cousin and I highly recommend it for anyone looking for a unique houseplant to add to their home.


Where to Buy It: You may be able to find it at Home Depot or your local famer’s market, but if not you can order on Amazon. I have done this 3 times and they all have arrived healthy and happy!


Link to purchase on Amazon. This post contains an affiliate link for amazon. If you purchase this plant I will receive a small commission. Thank you for reading and following along with my lifestyle blog, I appreciate it!


oxalis houseplant

Oxalis triangularis

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