Caring for Your Oxalis Triangularis


I hope my #stopkillinghouseplants series can help you end your stint as a houseplant serial killer. The first plant in my series is the: Oxalis Triangularis.

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It’s time for a #stopkillinghouseplants post! I hope my #stopkillinghouseplants series can help you end your stint as a houseplant serial killer. The first plant in my series is the: Oxalis Triangularis.

I am on a mission to get more peeps confident in keeping their houseplants alive for longer than the car ride home! #stopkillinghouseplants

It is no secret that my doggies and my houseplants have changed my life! Cleaner Air & Clearer + Calmer Mind = Happier Life

Caring for the Oxalis is pretty easy, but some varieties of the plant can be considered a weed. Even so, it is a popular perennial plant that often shows up on Instagram feeds and in gardening stores around St. Patrick’s Day.

Oxalis is a large family of flowering plants in the sorrel family with close to 800 species. It is found in most areas of the world and is very common in Mexico, South Africa, and Brazil. The plant is sometimes referred to as a false shamrock because of the shape of its leaves but is not a member of the shamrock family.

Oxalis triangularis (AKA false ☘️ shamrock)

Description: It is native to Brazil and known for its’ bold beautiful colors that range from deep violet to crimson red. Oxalis is a mounding plant and can grow about 12 inches tall and wide. Some varieties spread quickly!

My Quick Care Tips: Oxalis requires multiple hours of direct sunlight each day. They’re perfect for a south-facing sunroom or window that gets plenty of light! Like some houseplants, this one isn’t good for pets to nibble on, so take caution when choosing a lower placement that may be easy for cats, dogs, or even kiddos to take a taste.

Why I Love It: I love how “alive” Oxalis’ are. Oxalis are nycytinastic, meaning they open and close as the sun rises and sets & they lean left to right as the sun moves throughout the day. I also love how often they blossom. I’ve gifted this plant to my mom and my cousin and I highly recommend it for anyone looking for a unique houseplant to add to their home.

Soil Recommendation for Oxalis: Well draining soil that is slightly acidic soil is ideal. I use diluted coffee to help with the acidity of the soil and fertilize my Oxalis.

Where to Buy It: You may be able to find it at Home Depot or your local farmer’s market, but if not you can order on Etsy or Amazon.

Oxalis triangularis

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