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It’s time for another #stopkillinghouseplants post!!




I am on a mission to get more peeps confident in keeping their houseplants alive for longer than the car ride home! #stopkillinghouseplants

Every Monday for the month of July, I am sharing some of my favorite houseplants, why I love them, and my quick care tips!

It is no secret that my doggies and my houseplants have changed my life! Caring for my houseplants has taught me to slow down and appreciate life!!

I hope my #stopkillinghouseplants series can help you end your stint as a houseplant serial killer.

I am sharing one of my favorite plants; the one and only, Ficus lyrata, more commonly known as the Fiddle Leaf Fig.


Description:  It is native to the tropical rainforests in western Africa. 🌱🎻 Fiddle leaf figs are known for being finicky and hard to care for, but with attention to lighting and a steady watering schedule, I think anyone can hop on the popular Fiddle Leaf Fig train! 🚂🌱 I be-leaf in YOU!


Why I Love It:  I love it because I felt like an official successful #plantmom when mine turned a year old. I love it because it is so beautiful & I love checking for new leaves! I also think it is so neat that the leaves become like stiff leather over time.


Quick Care Tip:  Fiddle Leaf Figs love temps 65-75°F and humidity. ☀️ It will not be happy if temperatures drop below 60°F and will let you know by developing brown spots on its’ leaves. 

In the winter I will supplement heat with a space heater and spritz occasionally with water as needed. I also move it away from any drafty windows (our house was built in 1888 so we are no stranger to drafts). I do my best to keep the environment in our sunroom as stable as possible, for all of my plants’ sake, but especially for the Fiddle because (unlike me) it does not like change.


Where You Can Buy One: I got my online from Hirt’s via Amazon. It comes as just a little guy, but if you want something more mature you can get it from your local nursery, Home Depot, or online here or I have had luck with plants from Etsy as well!


This post contains an affiliate link for amazon. If you purchase this plant I will receive a small commission. Thank you for reading and following along with my lifestyle blog, I appreciate it!


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fiddle leaf fig

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