Tools I Use to Work Smarter Not Harder – How I Simplified My Workflow


These tools have changed my blogging business!

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Today, I share my favorite software and apps that help me run my blog smoothly!

One of the ways to work smarter is to find tools that can help speed up, delegate + communicate, or even automate some daily tasks in your business!

I am just sharing my experience in hopes that it will help others streamline their blogging workflow. I am only recommending the specific resources I use every day running my high-traffic blogs! I never could be running my blog as well as I do today without these helpful tools!

JASPER paired with Surfer SEO is my favorite out of all these tools. *Big News! Surfer SEO now has a Chrome Extension!

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Tools I Use to Work Smarter, Not Harder

1) RankIQ

We all know that SEO is a massive part of growing your blog or website. Rank IQ will solve this problem by telling you precisely what to write in your post title and body so you can rank higher than ever before. It also has pre-built blog posts inputs with the keywords on the side that check off as you use them, so writing becomes easy! In addition, the RankIQ keyword tool finds low competition keywords that are getting 10k+ searches per month on Google – perfect for new blogs or websites looking to build their audience. Trust me, this tool will change your life!! I have tried countless Keyword research tools in the past, but RankIQ is the absolute best and easiest to use. If you want to read more about this software, I have an entire blog post about RankIQ HERE. 

2) YOAST Plugin for my WordPress Blog

It helps me optimize my blog posts! This software allows me to choose keywords, add alternative text to images, and insert metadata. It is fast and easy to use and takes nearly seconds to add additional information to your blog posts to boost your SEO. Pro Tip: Don’t get too caught up in hitting that “Green Light” in Yoast; this is a helpful tool to get you started. I use Surfer to get my blog posts optimized perfectly.

3) Jasper

Can you be BFFs with a robot?? If the answer is yes, then Jasper is your new BFF!! Jasper helps me write compelling copy for your blog, social media, website, and more in a fraction of the time it took me before! He is seriously genius – I couldn’t be happier with my subscription to “his” service. In addition, Jasper helps me write great SEO blog posts quickly! Use my link, and you’ll get 10,000 bonus credits – you could write several pillar posts in just a few hours! That is seriously HUGE!

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4) Surfer SEO

Instead of wasting hours creating a relevant content strategy for my blog posts, emails, and sales pages, I use Surfer to help me create a plan adjusted to my domain, niche, and audience. It helps me with content ideas, making my content briefs, and seeing how I would potentially rank on Google. Surfer does all of the hard work that I used to have to do manually. Basically, Surfer shows me all of the content competition that my blog posts are competing against and what I need to do to rank higher than them.


The Fiverr marketplace is a treasure trove of creative talent and skills. I often use it to find ghostwriters for my blog posts, Canva templates that suit the look I’m going for in minutes instead of hours (and they’re cheaper!), and editing photos on an outsourcing basis with people who know what they’re doing!

6) Flexibits Fantastical Calendar

This calendar syncs immediately from my phone to my desktop. It tracks my appointments, syncs to my Gmail, sends alerts to my phone and computers and iWatch, and even gives me estimated drive time.

7) Evernote 

Evernote is my lifesaver. I have everything from my editing to-do list to an outline of my weekly income to random thoughts I had on the drive home. I love Evernote because it syncs all of my documents and notes to my laptop, desktop, and phone, and I can access all of my files simply by logging into the website if I am on someone else’s device. Evernote is also great because I can share documents with Caleb, and he can add to them.

8) MileIQ

I remember when I used to have a spiral pad of paper in the car, and I would have to write down the date, current miles, new miles, where I went, and what I did every time I got in my car for work. But, thanks to MileIQ, all I have to do is swipe left or right; it is literally as easy as that!

9) BackBlaze

I signed up for BackBlaze about 3 years ago, and I honestly am sleeping better. I used other cloud-based backup systems in the past, but nothing has been as easy, reliable, and cost-effective as Backblaze. I love being able to access all of my documents and photos from any device, ever!

10) Adobe Lightroom 

After culling my images in Photo Mechanic, I drop all of my starred images into Lightroom. If you are looking for photography editing presets for your images, I recommend VSCO. After my photos are perfect (I check my exposure, straighten my horizon lines, darken my blacks, and add split toning), I export them into jpegs. You cannot ask for a better way to edit, export, and sort your photos for your blog.

11) Social Curator

Is social media marketing necessary? I wondered the same thing. But I quickly learned marketing on social media was necessary if I wanted to be a successful business owner. Discovering Social Curator was the game-changer I needed for growing my business and saving valuable time. The best part? You can join for 50% off this week only! I’ll see you inside the private Social Curator community.


And that’s it! All of these programs I use require a little learning time, and some do have a membership fee, but the payoff will be worth it when you are simplifying or automating specific tasks that used to waste precious hours of your workday.

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