9 Beautiful Rare Houseplants You Need Right Now


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Sometimes it feels as if everyone on Instagram has the same houseplants. But, I am pretty positive you won’t find these beauties in every nursery! I’ve rounded up houseplants that you don’t see often online or at your local nurseries or the houseplant section of Home Depot.

Some of these rare houseplants hail from far-off countries others have unique colors and leaf shapes! All of them can be found in such small numbers, so when I see one, it takes a lot of self-restraint to not buy them all!

If you recall, a few months ago I wrote an article rounding up Rare Houseplants You Didn’t Even Know You Wanted. Everyone loved it! I since then have accumulated a bunch of new plant friends and I am excited to share even more rare houseplants (and 2 favorites from my first post)!

See which houseplants made my rare houseplant list, this time! 

9 Beautiful Rare Houseplants You Need Right Now


Black Orchid Catasetum Monierara Millenium Magic ‘Witchcraft’

Etsy truly has some of the best and most knowledgeable houseplant sellers! I’ve never been able to find one at my local nurseries, but I love reading about them!

black orchid rare houseplant

Photo from Etsy Seller


Alocasia African Mask Plant

Alocasias need bright, but indirect light. This is due to the plant’s natural habitat, on the forest floor beneath the tree canopy. Too much direct sun will cause the leaves to burn. You can use a light meter to help find the best lighting situation. This plant is not tolerant of lower light conditions though, so make sure the space you put it in gets decent light. Alocasias love humidity, so you will want to avoid placing yours near to an A/C or a heater.

African Mask Plant rare houseplant

Photo from Etsy Seller


Strobilanthes Dyeriana “Persian Shield”

Strobilanthes dyerianus, commonly called Persian Shield, is native to Burma. It is a soft-stemmed, tropical, evergreen shrub that is grown for its attractive iridescent purple foliage.

Photo from Etsy Seller

Hoya Linearis

This plant is different from many other hoyas in that it doesn’t have large, firm, waxy leaves. Instead, the leaves are skinny, soft, and slightly hairy. Plantify has a lot of care tips for Hoya Linearis.


Photo from Plantify

Senecio Peregrinus “String of Dolphins Succulent”

Just like my String of Pearls plant, this is the perfect plant for hanging baskets where the “dolphins” leaves can cascade downward.

Photo from Etsy Seller


Codiaeum Variegatum “Magnificent Croton Plant”

Crotons plants are an easy-to-grow houseplant known for its variegated foliage covered in green, scarlet, orange, and yellow splotches. These rare houseplants remind me of tye-dye projects from my youth and I think they are so darn pretty!

Photo from Etsy Seller


Greenovia Rose Succulent 

Your typical freshly cut roses are beautiful, but eventually, wither up and die. Want your roses to last longer? Meet the Greenovia Rose Succulent!

rose succulent

Photo from Etsy Seller


Ficus Elastica Ruby “Varigated Pink Rubber Plant”

I am a proud owner of one of these beauties! If you’re looking for a new and rare plant to add to your indoor collection, a Ficus Elastica ‘Ruby,’ also known as a Variegated Rubber Tree, is a great choice.

I have an entire post about caring for this beautiful rare houseplant, Ficus Elastica Ruby.

variegated rubber tree

Photo from Etsy Seller


Monstera ‘Variegata’

The Variegated Monstera requires similar care to that of the solid green Monstera deliciosa. The main difference is the white portion of the variegated Monstera leaves cannot absorb light, so the plant needs to work twice as hard to photosynthesize.

variegated monstera

Photo from Pinterest

Add A Beautiful Rare Houseplant to Your Home Today! 

1) Rare Black Orchid Catasetum Monierara Millenium Magic ‘Witchcraft’ | 2) Alocasia African Mask Plant | 3) Strobilanthes Dyeriana, The Persian Shield | 4) Hoya Linearis | 5) Senecio Peregrinus “String of Dolphins Succulent” | 6) Codiaeum Variegatum “Magnificent Croton Plant” | 7) Greenovia Rose Succulent | Ficus Elastica Ruby “Varigated Pink Rubber Plant” | 9) Monstera ‘Variegata’

9 rare houseplants

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