Dog Hotels In Phoenix, AZ: 11 Amenities To Look For


If you're searching for the best dog boarding facilities in Phoenix, here are some of the amenities you might want to look for. 

Dog hotels became popular in the late 80s after the surge of doggie daycares offering companionship and care for dogs for a few hours a day. But with work and career demands, many fur parents found the need to leave their fur babies for extended periods, thus the rise of dog boarding. 

Since many pet owners treat and care for their dogs like family, they wanted these lovable fur babies to have the best in the world; that is why dog hotels came to life.

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What Are Dog Hotels?

Hotels have started introducing the idea of allowing pets in their establishments and tagging their businesses as pet-friendly hotels. But why not have a hotel exclusively for your fur friends like dogs and cats? Why not have a place to have these bundles of joy experience the best in pampering?

In the United States, there are thousands of pet boarding accommodations from which pet owners can choose. Most offer more than just a bed to sleep on, while some facilities have top-of-the-line luxury pampering services, the same ones humans receive when they’re on vacation. Some also offer pet care staffing services, spa and grooming services, and a vast play area with fun activities your dog will have a blast with.

Dog Hotels In Phoenix, AZ: 11 Amenities To Look For

If you’re searching for the best dog boarding facilities in Phoenix, here are some of the amenities you might want to look for:  

  1. Healthy Dining And Drinking 

As a dog parent, you tend to be very careful about what you feed your dogs at home and buy the best quality of food for them. That said, it is only natural that you also expect the same from the place you’ll trust them to stay for a night or several nights.  

Most dog hotels keep a stock of several caliber dog food brands, but if perhaps your pet’s food is not on the list, you’re always welcome to bring their favorite food and treats. You can pre-measure and pack them in small containers and instruct the staff on proper feeding or your pet’s picky food habits. This way, you can ensure that they eat even if you’re not giving them the food. 

In addition, some facilities may also offer and provide home-cooked meals on their menu, consisting of healthy vegetables and protein suitable for dogs. The administrators of these dog hotels are generally knowledgeable and are experts on dog nutrition. That said, you can be sure that your furry pets will only receive the best. 

It’d be good to note, too, that dogs may need to be constantly hydrated for some places where temperatures could go up pretty fast. And with that, the facility staff should ensure that they will always have a supply of clean filtered water.   

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  1. Spacious Area With A View 

When looking for a dog hotel, you may consider a facility with a spacious area and not just a cage where your pet will be tethered and restricted. Ideally, the space should have a comfortable bed or mattress with a fleece cover to ensure your paw friend’s good night’s sleep and comfortability. Alternatively, depending on the facility, you can bring their favorite blanket or bedding to help them feel more at home in an unfamiliar environment.

Furthermore, it’s also best if the rooms are temperature-controlled and perhaps have a window with a view of the outside. The view from where they’ll be staying can get the pups excited about the activities in store for them and help reduce the feeling of separation anxiety common for pets left by their owners. 

After all, most dogs love to look out the window and stare outside. They appreciate the lovely view, and most of the time, they look out the windows to wait for their owners’ arrival. 

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  1. Doggie Potty Breaks 

Your dogs can surely enjoy a leisurely walk outside the serene surroundings and do their thing. While most dog hotels can offer this, consider checking with your desired lodging and mention your pet’s routine and little potty quirks to the staff, so they can help you take care of it.   

  1. Medical Administration 

Pet owners sometimes feel they can’t go on vacation or travel for work because they’re not comfortable leaving their pets with special medical needs. In addition, they tend to feel worried that they may fail to attend to them, which could be detrimental to their pup’s health. And as such, it is crucial to look for a dog hotel that can attend to this efficiently.  

If your pet has a regular medication they need to take, you can instruct the staff on this, and they’ll be sure to give it at the proper dose and time to ensure your pet receives their medication for their health and wellness.

  1. First Aid 

Another crucial factor to consider in searching for the best dog hotel is safety. Ideally, the staff should have the knowledge and proper first aid training for dogs. In addition, they should also have suitable first aid kits within the property. You want to be assured that the staff is trained in dog CPR should the need arise. It may also help if there is a veterinarian on call for any medical emergencies that may happen.  

After all, one of the goals of dog facilities is to ensure that both the pet and the owner enjoy their time away from each other. It also aims to assure you that your dear pet will be in good hands, so you don’t have to worry while you are away.  

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  1. Grooming 

Aside from the accommodation, some dog hotels could also offer spa and grooming services. You can have your furry friend sport the latest hairstyle or have a pawdicure in the hotel from well-trained staff. This might be the best time you can have them experience luxury pampering and grooming.   

  1. Pet Enrichment Activities 

Depending on your dog’s preference, the facility may offer various canine enrichment activities. For instance, some dogs do not like being surrounded by other dogs and may prefer playing with toys. The facility and its highly-skilled counselors may adopt a suitable pet enrichment activity for your furry pet. For example, there could be puzzle toys, sensory mats, climbing mats, flirt poles, and hula hoops that they can use, supervised by the staff. These toys are vet-approved and can help mental and physical stimulation appropriate for your furry companion. 

Or perhaps, if they’re accustomed to the company of other dogs, they can have an hour of pool yard or courtyard fun supervised by pet counselors. They can also have a one-on-one enrichment session from an animal behavior-trained staff for an additional charge.

  1. Pet Massage Services

Some dog hotels offer massage services that are favorable for your furry companions. Aside from the relaxation it provides, some of its benefits include digestion aid, improved sleep quality, decreased muscle pain and tension, and relief of anxiety.

Furthermore, some facilities provide massage services using essential oils, as it’s believed they can be suitable for dogs to help calm them and make them more relaxed. However, you must consult your veterinarian before applying such oils to your pet’s skin, as some essential oils may cause skin irritation and compromise your dog’s health.

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  1. Pet Training 

If you’re leaving your pet for an extended stay, you might as well use this time to have them learn a few tricks. You may consider looking for a dog boarding facility or hotel that offers pet training from attentive and skilled pet trainers. Depending on the facility, training programs can be customized to suit your pets’ needs. Professional dog trainers who fully understand dog behaviors can help them receive the training recommended.

And upon returning from your vacation, you may be surprised to see them performing tricks other than fetch and roll over.  

  1. Internet Pet Cam 

While you’re away, it’s normal to want to know what your dear pup is up to. Dog hotels may offer an internet pet cam so you can monitor and watch your pet’s activity during the day. But to give dogs a relaxing sleep at night, the lights may be turned off, so the webcams may not be in use.

And with that, you can always send a message to the dog hotel staff to ask for an update, and they will be more than glad to inform you of how your pet is doing.   

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  1. Bark Day Pawty 

If you wish to treat your adorable pup to a party for their birthday and invite their dog friends over, a dog hotel can host a bark day pawty complete with a dog-approved bark day cake. In addition, you may request professional photo and video coverage to commemorate the occasion.  

This can be the ultimate treat for this unique being that makes you the happiest person and uplifts you when you’re down. A bark day pawty is something they may not be able to say out loud, but they can surely appreciate it for the rest of their lives.  

Wrapping Up

Dog hotels exist to offer proper accommodation to your dog while you’re away and pamper your furry friends and give them the luxury and care they deserve for being loyal and loving companions. Almost all facilities are managed by people who are animal lovers themselves, so you know that your pet can have a pawsitively good time.

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