How to Make the Best French Press Coffee


Ah, coffee. The second-most traded commodity in the world and a staple in the morning, lunch, and dessert routine of millions around the world.

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Ah, coffee. The second-most traded commodity in the world and a staple in the morning, lunch, and dessert routine of millions worldwide. Some prefer to push a button and walk away or get up to a pot brewed before climbing out of bed. Others stick a plastic cup in the receptacle and watch the brew spill into the waiting cup. But, the often misunderstood (and my personal favorite) French Press is one of the simplest ways to brew coffee, and with proper technique can give you a cup of thick, delicious brew unlike any other.

How to Make the Best French Press Coffee

Do something for yourself and learn how to make the perfect French Press coffee with my tried-and-true tips.

French press coffee

Start with a Clean French Press

A French press is made of two parts – the carafe and the plunger, including the mesh filter. Clean all parts before starting to ensure no grounds are stuck in the filter. Also, make the filter is intact before starting; a loose filter can leak grounds into the coffee when plunging. We own the Bodum BRAZIL Coffee Maker. It works great & comes in matte black, which matches our kitchen perfectly.

The Beans 

Freshly roasted, shiny, whole beans have the best flavor and aroma. Use medium or dark roasted beans for a robust coffee. To add some pizzazz, consider roasting your own. Just like French press brewing, it is not that hard.

It’s All About the Grind

Use a coarse grind. Too small will slip through the plunger mesh and may cause bitterness. A talk about the consistency of breadcrumbs is usually good. Consider using a burr grinder which gives an even, solid grind customized to the brewing style.

Coffee-to-Water Ratio

The size of the French Press is not as crucial as the coffee-to-water ratio. Brew as little or as much coffee as you want, but accurately measure the ratio. Some people prefer to weigh the coffee, but gauging by the tablespoon works too. One tablespoon of coffee weighs 7-8 grams. So use about 10 grams of coffee for 6 fluid ounces of water. Too little coffee and the brew will be wimpy; too much coffee might turn out bitter.

Boil the Water

While you have been prepping and measuring, hopefully, you have started to boil the water. You want to use water that is about 200’F. What is the easiest way to do this? First, boil, then remove from heat for 30 – 45 seconds.

Fill the Carafe

Fill the carafe about halfway to start the coffee “bloom.” Set a timer for 4 minutes. At about 60 seconds, use a long-handled spoon and gently stir to break up any clumps of coffee that might be stuck together, then slowly fill the carafe the rest of the way and place the plunger on top – but don’t plunge yet! (Be careful not to overfill the carafe to avoid splashing hot coffee out the spout when you go to the next step.)

Time’s Up 

When the timer goes off, it’s time to plunge. Gently and slowly push the plunger down through the coffee until it reaches the bottom.


Pour the coffee into your cup with sweeteners or creamers, or drink it black.

With a bit of experimentation & a little practice, you can brew the perfect cup of coffee in your French Press and enjoy a few quiet moments all to yourself.

how to make the best French press coffee at home

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